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How we do it.

Gluk Media has dived into VR360 right from the the dawn of it - so today we can proudly claim to be experts in creating all forms of it. From creative approach and directing, to the last touches of postproduction - you've got it covered from a single pair of hands.

Immersing user into VR360 VIDEO is an amazing option to let him actually be part of the action. Gluk Media owns the most technologicaly advanced VR360 camera in the Eastern Europe region, allowing to reach picture resolutions of up to 20K and being able to shoot in confined spaces like interiors...or a fighter jet cabin!
VR360 opened a whole new field for computer graphics too - we're now able to put the user in some spaces that were far from possible before. In this example we took a brief from the client to show the working principles of the banknote sorting machine - and made an interactive adventure out of it.
The least dificult to create, though rewarding with a full punch of experience - VR360 photography is perfect technology when project requires covering lots of different spots or creating a guided virtual tour with spot-to-spot navigation.
Just as in regular video/graphics production - photo, video and computer generated images can be composed together to create absolutely unique experience. This form is also perfect to present additional information for the user, overlaying the original video footage.
Virtual Reality explained?

Virtual Reality (or VR360 in short) is special video format that allows user to fully experience the action. It's achieved by totaly submerging user into it - now looking around in the scene and even zooming into the areas of interest is in his hands.

Extremelly engaging

Nothing less than a huge WOW is always received from a first-time user. The experience is like nothing they've ever saw (and felt!) before - and you can be sure they'll share the ripples of admiration long after the show is over.

The story in full

Picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Well, VR360 picture is worth a thousand pictures then. Whatever is your message - you remove any hidden areas from it by allowing the user to see EVERYTHING in the scene.

Here to stay

VR360 VIDEO format is getting more popular each day at record-breaking pace and starts to dominate as a super efficient way to present information. Various influential communication organisations name it as the future of advertising, without any doubt.

Widely accesible

The format is already natively suported by such giants of communication as YouTube and Facebook. Every new mobile device out there also already includes support for it as a default feature - so it's already at the fingertips of ANY user.
This is the first all-CG VR360 video that was made in Baltic region. Just try moving around with your mouse!
Ways to experience.

Whether watching the content on PC or MAC screen works just fine - much more sophisticated devices (headsets) are being made to make the VR360 experience absolutely unique and immersive. Gluk Media both creates the content and owns various devices to display it - so you can be sure that you'll always get the most up-to-date solution and advice available for your project.


Just drop us a message and we'll make sure to appear at your doorstep (or mailbox) for a demonstration, exchange of ideas or simply a nice chat about how to make it happen in your project.

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