Employing technology

Motorbike of Pasvalys Regional Museum

VR for the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

AR model for Omnis Power

VR movie “Fairytale”

AR of Gediminas Tower


We work in the field of Immersive Media by harnessing the potential of innovative technologies

Our clients value 15+ years of experience that we have to offer in creating engaging, involving and immersive experiences for their customers. We’re not married to a single technology, but rather choose one that best fits clients needs and case.

Museums & Cultural spaces

B2B & Marketing

Interactive training & Education

RnD & Art tech


Some friends we have made while working together

Our clients describe us as a team which always looks for innovative solutions, is not afraid to try new technologies and always delivers spectacular user experience.


Creative studio where art & technologies intertwine

Tools and technologies of our trade

VR, AR and everything in between – we’ve been pioneering these fields in the Baltics from early 2016. Since then we’ve accumulated both a huge amount of know-how on how to create compelling content and a technical equipment required to enable that.

Most of our interactive installations use either Unity or Unreal as a main engine. We run an internal team of professionals with years of experience to develop these apps.

No interactive experience is going to impress users without seriously compelling visual content. 3D models and renders, real-world laser scans, photogrammetry, 360 video and photo capture, UI/UX design – anything that is needed for an interactive experience to shine gets produced in Gluk Media.

In the increasingly digitalized world we still believe real touch is important in some cases. Together with a team of experienced engineers we design and build tangible interactive sculptures, learning tools, mechanisms and pieces of art.


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