RnD & ArtTech

We create experimental projects for art and business

We collaborate with cultural and business organizations, providing unique and innovative solutions while offering necessary know-how and R&D for the best technological outcomes. As technology partners in art projects, we aid creators in selecting suitable technologies to bring their ideas to life. Our expertise extends to helping organizations innovate and grow using VR, AR, and other tools, whether for employee development or new solution creation. With experience in EU projects, we are well-equipped to be your technology and innovation partner.

Integration of new technologies

We help artists and businesses to create unique experiences and reach new audiences by leveraging our long-established and ever-expanding knowledge together with insights into innovative technologies.


Unleash the potential of innovative technologies to transcend the physical limitations of your artistic and creative projects. Extend your immersive experiences to diverse audiences, allowing access from anywhere – homes, offices, or virtual gatherings.


We carefully curate and customize all our solutions to perfectly match your distinct requirements and creative vision. Our aim is to present your ideas in a captivating and one-of-a-kind manner, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

The "Wow" factor

A feeling of the unexpected is a common feature of all solutions based on the latest technologies. It is regarded as particularly effective in catching the visitors' attention, giving meaning to the experience, and making it memorable.

Users' emotional response

Studies consistently show that interactive solutions significantly enhance engagement with the content, leading to increased satisfaction during visits or experiences.

Engagement through gamification

The addition of interactive elements to any kind of experience is another way to encourage engagement. Gamified or hands-on experiences appeal to all age groups and make the content more engaging.


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