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We tell your stories immersively

Dozens of museums and cultural spaces have already become fans of our solutions, and hundreds of installations and experiences tell stories to curious visitors across Lithuania. Immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences, interactive physical objects, augmented reality (AR), interactive projections- all this and more can become part of your exhibition, experience center, or educational programs. Together with artists, architects, content creators, and our production team, we’ll create unique content only for you. 

The "Wow" factor

A feeling of the unexpected is a common feature of all solutions based on the latest technologies. It is regarded as particularly effective in catching the visitors' attention, giving meaning to the experience, and making it memorable.

Engagement through gamification

The addition of interactive elements to the exhibition is another way to encourage engagement. Gamified or hands-on experiences appeal to all age groups and make the content more engaging.

Opportunity to show more

All media solutions (virtual, augmented reality, exhibit games, info terminals, etc.) enhance the content of your exhibition. These technologies allow the visitor to see and learn more.


Innovative technologies help bring your institution's content outside its walls. Digitalized exhibitions can be visited from home, at the school desk, or an event, while educational videos and games gather virtual museum visitors online at the speed of light.

Visitor's emotional response

Research confirms that interactive elements in exhibitions help visitors to engage more deeply with the content displayed, resulting in increased satisfaction with their visit to the museum/gallery.


All our solutions are tailored to your specific needs and designed to help you present museum/gallery content originally.


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