Physical bike interactivity
Interactive bike helped to to involve people and communicate brand message

Made with Arduino

Any physical object can be connected to digital content. Free your mind from usual devices

Thousands of people involved

Despite exhibition was local - Client`s stand was always busy and got media attention.

11 - 63 years old

Involved users aging from 11 to 63 years old. It`s prooved again, that all groups of age like to be involved into fun experience

950 km traveled

While getting info about the Erasmus+, stand guests biked a decent distance. Promotion of active life style was another positive effect of this solution
See how it went!
Project Results.

Thousands of people involved, message to target group delivered in a fancy way. Visitors were challenged by some physical work at the same being informed about major study exchange opportunities communicating message - "Achieve your goals with Erasmus+" in the end of interaction. Physical work ant interactivity made the message noticed and remembered better.
It`s time for you to achieve your goals now! - we said.

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