Velcom: HQ opening show
Projection mapping and interactive tablet on-building painting combined.
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Project Results.

GLUK MEDIA, an expert in interactive media and event applications, is well known for its cooperation with partners from East Europe. This time company designed unique, interactive two-part project for Velcom, one of the biggest telecommunications company in Belarus. For the grand opening of new headquarters in Minsk Velcom needed something special; something which make the opening party unforgettable experience for all participants. In the first part of the event GLUK MEDIA presented innovative, vivid 3D projection show. In the second part company specialists showed a tablet-based interactive installation. Audience members had the unique experience of playing a large building like a giant musical instrument. Using the touch screen tablets, they lit up the building’s windows, generated melodies, and made bright graphics appear and move on a grand scale. The opening gala grabs high media and ordinary participants attention and became a shining example of cooperation between innovative media and bussiness.

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