We’re strong, Lithuania!
Full Lithuanian History in 3D projection mapping.

Historically accurate

All 3D models used in the projection were accuratelly created and reconstructed by using available historical sources.

Famous names

This project was made possible by working with the best: TV and cinema director Mindaugas Meškauskas, composer Deivydas Zvonkus and actor Vytautas Rumšas.

Digital sculpting used

Some scenes were created by using a digital sculpting technique, never before used in a 3D mapping in Lithuania.

Made 24/7

When team members in Europe got their share of sleep, work was transfered to South America. It took more than 5000 hours to create this project.

Supercomputer used

The unprecedented visual accuracy required exeptional computing power: a regular modern PC would have taken more than 5 years to process all the data.

Bright. Very bright.

Project took time during mid-summer and at full moon - although the combined power of projectors used was more than adequate for a perfect picture.
See how it went!
Project Results.

Gluk Media took up a unique challenge to fit the whole history of the Lithuania into 15 minutes of projection mapping show. Together with a director Mindaugas Meškauskas, huge input from the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and an all-helping Publicum Events team - we've been able to display all the ups and downs that lithuanian nation had to endure to this day. The project was a real hit, attracting crowds of spectators each time it was displayed. The emotional story and cozy yard of Palace of the Grand Dukes created a unique atmosphere, where national pride between spectators flourished.

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