360 video clip


A complete 360 VR solution for exclusively showcasing your location.


Do you want to showcase your country or region and show how beautiful and magical it is? Then a pair of VR glasses with a 360 video is just what you need. In two minutes, we’ll showcase the most spectacular sights and cultural heritage to make viewers excited for further discoveries. High-quality VR goggles with an auto-start function will make be easy to use and perfect for showcasing your chosen places.

With this solution you are getting a complete VR solution, that includes both content, playback system and a pair of high quality VR glasses. We will prepare the script for the quality clip, voice it in the language of your choice, film the sights, and do the editing and post-production. Within 30 days, we will produce a 2-minute video presenting up to 8 attractions of your choice.


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