Interactive sculpture of Antanėlis

Meet Antanėlis, the musician from Pasvalys Old Bridge. This interactive statue comes to life at the touch of a designated area. It embarks on a narrative journey, revealing the diverse stories of the Pasvalys region. This innovative storytelling twist revives Antanėlis, the enigmatic musician of Lėvens River Bridge. A captivating figure from the inter-war era, he once enchanted passers-by with his violin melodies. A touch to the sculpture’s right hand unveils tales of Pasvalys’ enchanting places. The left palm carries the legend of Antanelis, while a button press triggers a poem about the old Lėvens Bridge in the delightful Pasvalese dialect. By merging tactile interaction and storytelling, these narratives breathe life into history and culture, offering a captivating exploration of Pasvalys’ rich heritage.


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