The talking holograms of Šakiai

Utilizing contemporary technology, we have brought to life the figures of Vincas Kudirka, the composer of Lithuania’s national anthem, and Jonas Jablonskis, the pioneer of the common Lithuanian language, as holographic avatars. This dynamic twelve-minute interaction between these historical icons offers an exceptional opportunity to become acquainted with the most eminent personalities of Zanavikia. The holographic representations of V. Kudirka and J. Jablonskis engage in a conversation encompassing 19th-century themes that continue to hold relevance in the 21st century, particularly within the present-day political landscape. To create a lasting experience, we have incorporated the potential to customize, extend, or even alter the subjects of dialogue between these holographic personas. The project has been exhibited in educational institutions, museums, libraries, and cultural centers, before returning to the Šakiai Public Library.


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