RoadMaster VR

Vertablox together with partners (Kaunas University of Technology, Gluk Media, cargoGO Logistics) is implementing the European Union-funded project “RoadMaster VR” No. 08-004-K-0020. The product developed during the project is intended for the identification, analysis, and management of various stressogenic situations faced by drivers.

Purpose of the product:

● Measure the driver’s stress level in the work environment, specifically while driving.

● Use video recording technology to identify situations that cause stress for drivers.

● Analyze the driver’s biological signals (e.g., pulse, skin conductance, etc.) to determine their stress level in a specific situation.

● Transmit video and biological data to the server using 5G technology.

● Transform videos into virtual reality (VR) training sessions.

● Integrate artificial intelligence algorithms that can use accumulated data to create personalized training plans for drivers and predict future stressful situations.

● Send VR training sessions to a driver who has experienced stress using 5G technology.

● Allow the driver to experience stressful situations and learn to manage them through VR training, starting from basic stress management techniques to specific situations.

● Provide real-time feedback and support to the driver during VR training to help them better understand and manage their stress levels.

● Provide reports to the employer or driver about recurring stressful situations and progress based on VR training data.

● After completing VR training, the driver will be prepared to effectively cope with stress while driving.

● Use 5G technology to support fast and efficient data transmission between the driver, VR system, and server.

The project’s goal is to create a tool enabled by 5G technology for the identification, analysis, and management of various stressogenic situations faced by drivers, allowing for the organization of VR training.

Funded within the 2022–2030 transport development program No 10-001-05-04-01 “Increasing the Value and Efficiency of the Transport System” activity “Development of Digital Technological Solutions Requiring 5G Connectivity” of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Lithuania , as described in the project administration and financing rules.

The project is financed by the Economic Revitalization and Resilience Enhancement Plan “New Generation Lithuania”.

Total project value – EUR 4,317,539.88.
EGADP grant funds – EUR 2,721,994.41.
Project executor’s own funds – EUR 1,595,545.47.
The project is implemented from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 20